StoryBook Tactics


The evil necromancer attacks, and you're the last hope


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StoryBook Tactics is a turn-based SRPG where you play a group of adventurers whose aim is to save the world from the attack of an evil necromancer, who's converted a large majority of adventurers to his cause.

To this end, you'll have to use this reduced group of intrepid cubes (the character design is certainly odd) and plunge into your adventure. The gameplay is the classic one for SRPGs: you can move your group around a world map and, every time you get to a new zone, you have to participate in a battle.

In these battles, which are the heart of the game, you have to fight tons of different enemies who try to end your heroes' lives. As you continue winning your characters will improve ... until you finally face off against the necromancer.

StoryBook Tactics is a very fun game that, despite its outdated graphics, offers an entertaining enough gameplay to keep you hooked for hours. In fact, it's an Xbox Live Arcade game that's come to PC and is absolutely free.
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